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  1. ADA Compliance Complaint Form
  2. Public Event Submission Forms

    Form to request a public event to be added to the Around the County calendar for the public. All events submitted must be for the... More…

  3. Title VI Nondiscrimination Complaint Form
  1. Park Survey
  2. Special Needs Shelter Registration Form - Print and Submit

    Completed form will be sent to the Walton County Emergency Management Division for preparedness.

Human Resources

  1. Anonymous Employee Complaint Form

    Please use this form to submit any concerns or complaints anonymously. Your feedback is important to us, and we are committed to... More…


  1. Email Sign Up

    Point Washington Neighborhood Plan Email Sign Up

  2. Online Comment Submittal for Old Seagrove NP Meetings
  3. Walton County Special Event Application/Permit Beach Code Compliance

    Walton County Special Event Application/Permit

  1. Email Sign Up for Old Seagrove Neighborhood Plan

    Old Seagrove Neighborhood Plan Email Sign Up

  2. Stormwater for Single-Family Lots Information and Picture Submission Form

    We want to see your low impact stormwater solutions!