General Scenic Corridor Information

Walton County has designated several important roadways as Scenic Corridors and has applied various development restrictions on each.  This means that additional standards apply within these areas and one should be familiar if seeking to develop or redevelop within these areas. The following information seeks to briefly summarize the different Corridor Overlay Districts.

1. Route 30A Scenic Corridor Overlay District.  All properties that are located contiguous to County Road 30A, County Road 393, or County Road 395 and those properties that are contiguous to the portions of County Road 83 and County Road 283 located south of U.S. 98 are considered within the Route 30A Scenic Corridor Overlay.  Section 6.10.00 of the Land Development Code contains the applicable corridor standards.  The Scenic Corridor standards identified within the Code are in addition to and supersede other requirements.  These include different landscaping, access, sign and other standards designed to implement the purpose of the Overlay District.


2. US 98 and US 331 Scenic Corridor Overlay District.  The areas included within the U.S. 98 and U.S. 331 Scenic Corridor Overlay District are:

  • The Scenic Corridor width extends 400 feet north and 400 feet south of the outward edges of U.S. Highway 98 right-of-way from the Okaloosa/Walton County line east to the Walton/Bay County line; and
  • The Scenic Corridor width extends 400 feet east and 400 feet west of the outward edges of the U.S. 331 right-of-way from U.S. Highway 98 north to the south end of the bridge at Choctawhatchee Bay.

Similar to the 30A Corridor Overlay, the US 98 and 331 Overlay District applies different standards to the areas defined in the Code.  Section 6.11.00 provides the various corridor standards.  These standards are similar to the 30A corridor in that they also deal with access, landscaping, signage and others, including allowable uses.  Development within the US 98 and 331 Corridor Overlay District requires additional review by the Design Review Board.  Section 6.11.10 of the Land Development Code provides the development review standards within the Corridor. 

3, Scenic Gulf Drive Corridor Overlay District.  All properties that are located south of the Scenic Gulf Drive right-of-way to the Gulf of Mexico and all properties that are located within four hundred (400) feet north of the right-of-way are considered within the Scenic Gulf Drive Corridor.  All properties within the Scenic Gulf Drive Corridor shall comply with the design standards in this section.  Section 6.13.00 of the Land Development Code contains the various development standards applicable within the designated Corridor areas.

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