What About a Shed? General Information about Accessory Structures and Uses in Walton County.

Accessory Structures and Uses are defined as, “subordinate use[s] or building[s] customarily incidental to and located on the same lot with the main use or building.” 


Accessory structures and uses are allowed in any zoning district, provided they meet Section 2.02.00(B) and any additional zoning requirements of the Land Development Code.  The following general accessory structure requirements should be considered prior to the purchase of or any output of capital towards the permitting of an accessory structure.  (The following points are for summary purposes only, all applicants seeking to permit an accessory structure or use should visit the above referenced section as well as the pertinent zoning district section of the Code.)

  • A permitted main or primary structure must be located on the same parcel as the proposed accessory structure.  In other words, if a resident wants to construct/place a shed on their property, a house or other principal structure must be there first. 

  • Accessory structures are held to the same standards (setbacks and other) as the primary structure onsite and must satisfy applicable Florida Building Code requirements.

  • Accessory structure area must be included in all impervious surface and stormwater retention calculations.

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