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Lets Be Safe!

Here are some sites that will you help learn to be safe and prepared for emergencies.

  • Online Safety - A parents guide to internet safety, security and screen time for kids
  • Games and Quizzes on Disasters and Preparedness ( FEMA)
  • Natural Disaster Risk Map - ADT has analyzed sixty¬-five years of FEMA data and released an interactive disaster risk map that calculates the risk natural threats pose, across the United States. One can simply input a ZIP code and view the area’s exposure to natural hazards.
  • Fire Safe Kids - a fun resource for kids to learn about fire safety. Unlike the other fire safety sites it has a "meet a firefighter" feature as well as activities and games.
  • Hazards at Home - an interactive tool to teach the facts of hazards in the home. It can help families prepare and prevent dangerous situations at home like electrical fires, theft, water damage and structure fires
  • Identity Protection - Protect your and your child's identity while traveling
  • The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety - Safety for your teens when using social media apps