Request Flood Information

Request Flood Information

There are numerous tools to verify whether a parcel is located in an Area of Special Flood Hazard. FEMA provides access to the Walton County Flood Insurance Rate Maps at the FEMA Map Service Center webpage. Flood Zone and Hurricane Surge Maps, as well as other county maps may be viewed on the Walton County Maps page.

The Floodplain Manager can provide a determination for the status of a parcel as well. A Request for Flood Zone Information Form can be submitted by Email , US Mail or in person. Most requests can be processed within one business day.

A BFE Determination Form can be submitted for projects less than 5 acres or 50 lots where approximate A Zones exist that have no BFE.

View your property in the Flood Information Portal from Northwest Florida Water Management District.

FEMA Flood Maps, Insurance, and Information