Divers Dock

The new floating dock is located just a few yards from the boil and accessed from shore through a new wheelchair accessible boardwalk. The boardwalk divides into two directions - one which is gated and is the access to the divers dock. The other leads to the small beach. Lift the safety pin on the gate to proceed to the divers dock. This gate was installed for the safety of small children, so please secure the gate once you enter through it.

Scuba Centers

There are two scuba centers for the convenience of divers to put on their gear. One is located at the entrance to the boardwalk which leads up to the divers dock. The other is at the end of the boardwalk at the entrance to the floating divers dock near the boil.

After-Hour Training for Certifications

Dive instructors may request permission to use the park for night-time dives to train and certify military, law enforcement and other public service emergency personnel. Permission and entrance into the park after-hours is coordinated through the Walton County Parks & Recreation Division (850) 892-8108 during normal business hours.