City of DeFuniak Springs

Garbage Pickup

DeFuniak Springs Garbage Pickup
Roll-Out Cans: The City provides its citizens with one (1) 90 gallon roll-out can per household use. Contact our office at 850-892-8534 or 850-892-8537. Roll-out cans will remain the property of the City of DeFuniak Springs and will be repaired/replaced as needed. Damages by the homeowner or business owner will be the responsibility of the homeowner or business. Place (3) three feet from the edge of the street by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection and remove from the street edge by the end of the collection day. Additional household garbage that will not fit into the roll-out can needs to be placed in plastic bags next to the roll-out can or in a personal can. Personal cans containing loose garbage will not be collected.

The city collects the following items: Household garbage which includes, VCRs, and small kitchen appliances. Construction materials, batteries, tires, and paint will NOT be collected. Please call 850-892-8180 for the Walton County Landfill for further disposal information. Do not place trash or yard waste under electrical wires, phone wires, cable wires, tree limbs, or by underground telephone and electrical boxes.

Yard Waste

Public Works Crew
Yard waste is limited to three (3) cubic yards per week. Any waste placed at the street for collection exceeding three (3) cubic yards shall be considered an unusual amount of accumulation and declared a nuisance as provided for in the DeFuniak Springs Municipal Code. Trees and branches need to be cut into 3 – 4 foot sections, 6 inches in diameter, and not weighing more than 60 pounds per limb/stump. Combine small piles into one pile.

Leaves may be collected using a leaf vacuum machine and leaves must be placed separate from other yard waste items. Please do NOT bag leaves or place yard trash in roll-out can provided by the city. Leaves can be piled within 3 feet of the edge of the street. All efforts will continue to compost as much leaves and chip material as possible and the chipper and leaf vacuum will run when needed on the corresponding day of collection.

No trucks will be allowed to double back over the route for any special or missed collection unless the route has been completed for that day.

White Goods

The City collects white goods which include stoves, refrigerators, dryers, washers, freezers, and other large appliances. TV's Furniture, Microwaves, Metal will be collected but needs to be separated from regular household garbage and yard waste. Bulky item collection will occur four (4) times a year only on an on-call basis.