Competency Board

Duties of the Board

  • Accept applications for certificate of competency as a contractor.
  • Determine through review of supporting data, the qualifications of applicants for licensure, and issue approval for a certificate of competency.
  • To investigate complaint or violation of ordinance 2003-16 or of Chapter 489 of the Florida Statues.
  • To conduct hearings for discipline of contractors and take such actions and impose such penalties as is authorized by ordinance 2003-16 and Chapter 489 of the Florida Statues.

Board Members

Robert Agerton
Robert Andrews
Gary Billingsley
John Dalton- Chairman
Andrew Bryan
Gary Mitchem
James M Bailey- Vice Chairman
Bob Hoke
Randall Yates

Sidney Noyes- Board Attorney
Heather Christman- Board Attorney


Board Meetings

Board meets on an as needed basis