Memorial Markers

Our Condolences

If you are visiting this page to begin the process of placing a memorial marker at the site of a fatality, please know that our hearts go out to you for the friend or relative you lost on a Walton County road.

These markers are designed to memorialize people who have died as a result of a vehicle-related accident and to raise public awareness of the need for safe driving practices. They will remain in place for a maximum of one year.

Displaying Memorial Markers

Here's what you need to do to have a memorial marker displayed for your friend or loved one:
  • Immediate relatives of the deceased may submit a request in writing to:
    Operations Manager
    Walton County Public Works
    117 Montgomery Circle
    DeFuniak Springs, 32435
  • Friends of the deceased may do the same, but must first obtain written approval from the immediate family of the deceased.
  • Please submit a check or money order for $75 along with the written request made out to Walton County. This pays for construction, installation, maintenance, and removal of the memorial marker.

Rules Pertaining to Memorial Marker Placement

  • Placement of the deceased's name on the memorial marker will be at the immediate family's option. Any additional decorations or ornaments will not be allowed.
  • Memorial markers will be constructed and installed by Walton County in accordance with diagrams which the county has on file. The marker consists of a 15" diameter aluminum panel with white background of engineering grade sheeting and black letters. The memorial marker will be installed at a height of 42" from ground elevation.
  • Markers will not be installed within the limits of active maintenance zones and will be located at the back edge of mowing limits.
  • There shall be no activities while the memorial marker is in place that pose a safety hazard to the public or violate any provisions of state law concerning stopping, standing, parking or obstruction of traffic on public roads.
  • For urban area curb and gutter sections, the memorial marker may not necessarily be placed at the exact location of the fatality due to restricted space / right of way, property owner complaints, or other constraints. Exact location will be at the discretion of the Operations Manager.
  • The marker will remain in place and be maintained by Walton County for a maximum of one year, unless it becomes necessary to remove it.
  • Memorial Policy