The Walton County GIS Department is responsible for the assignment of 9-1-1 addresses within the County. Your address is a very important component of the GIS process.  Please refer to the Walton County Addressing Ordinance for more information.

 Steps to Obtaining an Address

1. Contact the Walton County Planning Division for approval of all plans. 

2. Contact the Walton County Building Division to obtain building permits after all plans are approved by the Walton County Planning Division. 

3.  After approval of steps 1 and 2, check the Current Address Assignment 
your assigned Building Permit Number.


This listing is updated Monday - Thursday.

Note:  If the (building/mobile home/temporary power pole) permit was issued over 7 days ago, please refer to our Official Address Search and Verification application to search for the address.  Use the advanced option to search by permit number.  Otherwise click on a month below "Archive" to check for an address assignment.

Address Search and Verification 

Please see our Official Address Search and Verification to search or verify an established assigned addresses.


(Map Included)


Please see our Address Archive below for any addresses assigned within the last 2 months.

September 2021
October 2021



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