Surveillance: North Walton Mosquito Control uses a variety of surveillance methods to determine the number and types of mosquitoes in our area.

Service Requests: Residents can call or complete the online service request form to let us know when they are experiencing a mosquito problem in their area. 

Mosquito Traps: NWMC has several traps located throughout the county which are used to sample the adult mosquito population in our area. Mosquitoes are collected in traps and brought back to our lab where they are counted and identified by species.pexels-pixabay-86722MosqID_CloseUpbgtrapsetup3educationtrap

Sentinel Chicken Surveillance: NWMC has 8 coops at sites throughout the county. Each coop holds 6 chickens for which blood is drawn once a week. The blood samples are sent to a lab where they are tested for mosquito borne diseases. This gives us an early warning if mosquito borne disease is present in our county.