Long Range Transportation Plan

The Long-Range Transportation Plan represents a long-range transportation vision or strategic planning document that prioritizes all modes of transportation including automobile travel. It provides overall policy guidance that is linked to land use planning and economic development strategy. The Plan is intended to both guide private investment through land development and public investment through various funding opportunities that become available as implementation progresses. As is the case with most long-range plans, the plan is expected to change as some level of uncertainty related to future conditions and funding exists. Implementation occurs in yearly, five- or ten-year capital improvements programs. 

The Long-Range Transportation Plan is presented here by region of the County. There are maps with an accompanying table for each region of the County, South Walton, Miramar/Sandestin, Central Walton including the City of Freeport, and North Walton including the City of DeFuniak Springs. 

The numbers assigned to projects on the maps, correspond to numbers in the tables for those seeking more project information.   

Because of the increased emphasis on transit and parking or mobility hubs for the more urbanized areas south of the Choctawhatchee Bay, there are two sets of maps for both South Walton and the Miramar/Sandestin areas. One map depicts road, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements while the other map depicts potential transit routes and transit stops or hubs where various transportation options could be present. Together these maps represent an overall “complete streets” strategy that is an expressed goal of the Plan. Complete streets policy means priority in funding is also given to safety improvements for walkers and bikers and that the County desires a future that has opportunities for transportation choice for our residents and visitors where such choice is warranted and financially feasible. This policy is also aimed at maintaining the sense of place and character identified as desirable by the residents of Walton County, especially South Walton County. However, the complete streets vision is maintained throughout the entire County in this Plan.

South Walton from Mack Bayou to Inlet Beach

South Walton from Mack Bayou West to County Line

Central Walton and Freeport

North Walton and DeFuniak Springs

Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)

Walton County participates in the Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization (TPO). The Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization is the local, intergovernmental transportation policy board for Okaloosa County and Walton County. The board is comprised of local government officials who make decisions regarding transportation at a regional level (including Walton County Commissioners). The Okaloosa-Walton TPO is required by state and federal law to establish a cooperative, comprehensive, and continuing planning process as a corequisite to State and Federal funding.

The Okaloosa-Walton TPO Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a blueprint for maintaining and enhancing the regional transportation system. The LRTP identifies roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and other improvements needed over the next 25 years. Developing the LRTP is a collaborative effort between the public, local governments, and state and federal partners.

The Okaloosa-Walton LRTP includes a Needs Plan and a Cost Feasible Plan. The Needs Plan is a plan that identifies all transportation projects necessary to meet future demands. The Needs Plan is reviewed and prioritized and prioritized projects are only included in the Cost Feasible Plan based on anticipated funding. Currently, forecasted revenues will not fund all identified projects.

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Okaloosa Walton Transportation Planning Organization Cost Feasible Map

Okaloosa Walton Transportation Planning Organization Needs Plan Map

2045 Okaloosa-Walton TPO LRTP