County Broadband Project

Walton County Broadband Project

As approved by the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC), Walton County has partnered with SOM1101, LLC to build a fixed wireless broadband network throughout the County.


Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is the operation of wireless communication devices used to connect two fixed locations with a wireless link, i.e. building to building or tower to building. This will work by installing antennas on towers in strategic areas that will send a signal and connect to an antenna on a home that will bring Internet into the residence.

The 5-year contract was signed by the BCC on May 12, 2020.

Service Offerings

SOM1101 will provide at least the following service options:

Basic Service Plan (25Mbps download / 3Mbps upload):

  • 24-month contract with $0 down, $45/month;
  • 12-month contract with $50 down, $45/month; or
  •  No contract with $100 down, $45/month

Enhanced Service Plan (100Mbps download / 20Mbps upload):

  • 24-month contract with $0 down, $60/month;
  • 12-month contract with $50 down, $60/month; or 
  • No contract with $100 down, $60/month

Installation Fees

All Service Offerings will require a separate one time $100 Professional Installation fee for a standard installation. Costs and maintenance of the consumer equipment is included in the monthly recurring fee.

Each contract shall provide for a $15/month early termination fee.

Start of Service

The first milestone shall be reached prior to 6/1/2021, with each successive milestone accomplished by 10/1/2021, 2/1/2022, and 6/1/2022.

Service within a milestone area shall become available to residences within 3 months of achieving the milestone for that area.

Milestone Map

Broadband Milestones