Economic Development Plans

US 331 Economic Development Corridor Plan

US 331 Economic Development Plan 2018

US 331 Economic Development Corridor Plan Requested Modifications - August 13, 2019 BCC Agenda

Northwest Florida Forward

Northwest Florida FORWARD is a regional strategic initiative focused on driving economic vitality and growth in the Florida Panhandle. The regional strategy is based upon grassroots input and is supported and implemented by local government, business, educational and community leaders from across the region. A steering committee, consisting of representatives from five key regional organizations in Northwest Florida, drives strategy development and implementation, and supports the efforts of Council Chairs and their members as they build a diverse and vibrant regional economy.


Florida Defense Alliance

Enterprise Florida, Incorporated created the Florida Defense Alliance (FDA) in 1998 in accordance with Florida Statute 288.980 as a non-profit partnership between the Governor, Florida state officials, the Florida Congressional Delegation, state legislators, base commanders and staff, community leaders, and business executives to increase military value, enhance base capabilities, and promote multi-service synergies for Florida’s military bases, while supporting and enhancing the quality of life of Florida military families.

Walton County Triumph US331/US90 Infrastructure Expansion Revised Application

Florida Rural Manufacturing Study

An Assessment of Manufacturing in Florida’s Rural Areas and the Opportunities for Growth and Expansion.  Prepared by FloridaMakes for Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Rural Manufacturing Study - June 2016

Northwest Florida Information Technology 

Innovation Coast - The mission of Innovation Coast is to grow, sustain and showcase the successful, vibrant community of technology companies and professionals in Pensacola, Florida, and along the Northern Gulf Coast. Innovation Coast is a business community serving entrepreneurial garage start-ups, established leaders, and everyone in between.

Agriculture and Farming Programs - US Farm Bill