Stormwater for Single-Family Lots   

The manual is currently being updated to the most recent land development code effective           July 27th 2023.    

**Please contact the Planning Department for assistance with the manual at 850-267-1955.** 

"Stormwater Management System (SMS) - A system that is designed and constructed or implemented to control discharges which are necessitated by rainfall events, incorporating methods to collect, convey, store, absorb, inhibit, treat, use, or reuse water to prevent or reduce flooding, over drainage, environmental degradation, and water pollution or otherwise affect the quantity and quality of discharges from the system."

What you need to submit to the County:

  1. Summary page of the proposed stormwater management approach;
  2. A map of existing contours / elevations;
  3. Site plan / drawing showing the location of the stormwater system along with proposed spot elevations, flow arrows depicting the conveyance of sheetflow, or proposed contours;
  4. A description of each proposed impervious surface and the respective square footage of each;
  5. Include the dimensions of each low impact development stormwater management facility on the site plan;
  6. Landscape Plan (if applicable);
  7. Soils Printout
  8. Calculations sheets
  9. Final topographic survey showing extents of SWMF;
  10. Completed Certification Form after the system is constructed with a minimum of four pictures from each side of the house (north, south, east, and west).

Low Impact Development Concept


  • Minimize site disturbance and compaction of soils through low impact clearing, grading, and construction measures.
  • Preserve or conserve existing site features and assets that facilitate natural hydrologic function.
  • Reduce stormwater storage requirements for your property by decreasing impervious (paved) surfaces.
  • Promote the distribution of retention, detention, treatment, and infiltration of runoff.
  • Harvest stormwater and rainwater on site.

Attributes of a Good Stormwater System

New development or improvements to a parcel must be designed to comply with the stormwater quality and quantity requirements outlined in the Walton County LDC, The Walton County Comprehensive Plan, all applicable state and federal regulations, as well as, the Florida Building Code. An applicant for an individual permit must provide reasonable assurance that a SWMF, dam, impoundment, reservoir, works, or appurtenant work will meet the established criteria including a determination that the activity:

A. Will not cause adverse water quantity impacts to receiving waters and adjacent lands;

B. Will not cause adverse flooding to on-site or off-site property, and/or structures;

C. Will not cause adverse impacts to existing (natural or man-made) surface water storage and conveyance capabilities;

D. Will not cause adverse secondary impacts to water resources, and will not otherwise adversely impact the maintenance of surface or groundwater levels or surface water flows (natural or man-made);

E. Will be easily constructed and function as proposed, based on generally accepted engineering and scientific principles;

F. Will not adversely impact the value of functions provided to fish, wildlife, and listed species by wetlands and other surface waters.

Submit Your Photos

We want to see your low impact stormwater solutions! Upload your photos for a chance to be featured in the technical manual or on the website.

By submitting photos you are authorizing Walton County to display them to the public.



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