Errors in Fire Rescue MSBU Rates

If an owner believes that there has been an error on their Fire Rescue MSBU Assessment Rate or calculation, they may contact Administration at 850-892-8155 and produce evidence of such error. If in fact an error has occurred, Administration completes a Certificate of Correction (Form DR-409A).

Most common errors include:

  • A storage shed or barn has been assessed by the Property Appraiser’s office as a residential structure/dwelling
  • A structure/dwelling has been removed from the property during or after the time GSG receives their data from the Property Appraiser’s office.
When a correction is requested by the property owner, Administration completes a Fire Assessment Response Questionnaire (Form generated by the Property Appraiser’s office) asking the Property Appraiser’s office to verify if the structure/dwelling is indeed a shed or barn and not a “livable” residential structure/dwelling; or if a “livable” structure/dwelling has been removed from the property. After verification from the Property Appraiser’s office, a Certificate of Correction will be completed by Administration and submitted to the Tax Collector’s office and Property Appraiser’s office and the owner’s tax bill will be corrected accordingly.

In the past, prior to the assessment amount changing from $25 to $75, the residential assessment was per structure; but now, it’s per dwelling – meaning “livable” unit.