Road, Bridge and Drainage Projects

 You are viewing upcoming and active projects. All construction projects require cooperation from the contractor, utility companies, the owner and especially the users (the taxpayers that are paying for the improvement).

 Updated Project Name Status Project Manager
 State Funded Project   (SCOP, SCRAP, CIGP)
04/09/2022 CR 0605 Resurfacing Project Substantial Completion  Jim Harman
12/09/2020 CR 185 Gum Creek Road Resurfacing Project Completed Anna Hudson
04/09/2022 CR 183B Resurfacing Project Completed Jim Harman
08/26/2020 CR 280A Connector Road Under Construction  Jim Harman
05/09/2022 East Indian Creek Ranch Road Under Construction  (02/07/2022) Jim Harman
04/09/2022 Douglass Crossroads/Knox Hill Road Resurfacing Project Under Construction Doug Pritchard
TIF Capital Improvement Projects
08/10/2021 CR 283N Multi Use Path (Segment 1) Under Construction Charley Cotton

2/09/2021 CR 393 Ridge Road to US 98 Multi-use path and sidewalk Under Construction (substantial) Chance Powell
04/08/2022 San Juan Avenue Cross Drain Improvements Under Construction Charley Cotton
08/24/2021 Driftwood & Ellis PH III Task Order 22-07 Design on April 26th agenda for approval  Charley Cotton
12/09/2020 Fox Lake Drainage and Water Quality Improvements Under Design Charley Cotton
12/09/2020  Holiday Shores Pedestrian & Drainage Improvements  Under Design Charley Cotton 
08/10/2021  Lakewood Drive Drainage Improvements and Water Quality  Under Design  Charley Cotton 
04/10/2021 South Walton Connector Road Public Workshop to be scheduled Chance Powell
08/24/2021 Lakewood Drive Pedestrian Facility Completed Doug Pritchard

Capital Improvement Projects
04/13/2022 Eve Circle paving and drainage Completed Doug Pritchard
08/20/2021 Chesser Road Bridge Under Construction Greg Graham
06/19/2021 River Road Bridge Replacement Under design Greg Graham
11/08/2021 Freeport Parking Lot Expansion Under Construction Jim Harman
12/09/2020 Choctawhatchee Paddle Trail-Cowford Landing Site Under Construction Melinda Gates
12/09/2020 Helen McCall Park 10 Acre Expansion Under Design Dewberry
10/25/2021 Little Redfish Bridge Replacement Completed Doug Pritchard