Active Projects

 You are viewing upcoming and active projects. All construction projects require cooperation from the contractor, utility companies, the owner and especially the users (the taxpayers that are paying for the improvement).  If you have any questions please call Public Works at 850.892.8108.

Project Name BudgetStatus Begins  Completed
Project Manager
 State Funded Project   (SCOP, SCRAP, CIGP, State Appropriations)
Nellie Drive Road Connection Project$3,200,000Design
 12/01/2022 Charley Cotton
North End Multi-Use Trail & Pedestrian Path  $800,000Design04/04/2023 12/13/2023Anna Hudson
Douglass Crossroads/Knox Hill Road Resurfacing Project  $667,900.30
Completed 07/05/2021 9/21/2022Jim Harman
CR2 over Long Creek Bridge-BSCOP $324,596Design 03/08/2022 11/7/2023David Bush
CR83A Bear Creek $850,000Construction07/10/2023 Anna Hudson
Rock Hill Road Improvements $803,908Construction  11/7/2023 Anna Hudson
Hewett Bayou Connector Road$396,301.00
Design  09/06/2022 Chance Powell
Old Town of Santa Rosa Regional Stormwater Management Facility and Event Venue Project (Nellie Drive Connector Road/SW Facility) $1,200,000Design 12/01/2022 Charley Cotton
CR 883 Freeport Sidewalk$1,044,920.00Construction12/14/23

Western Lake, San Juan Culvert Replacement $821,105.46Completed 04/11/202212/6/2022 Jim Harman
South Walton TIF Capital Improvement Projects
Allen Loop Drainage$86,774.66Design 04/12/2016 4/25/2023Chance Powell
Blue Gulf Resort Roadway & Water Quality Improvements$130,000Design 07/20/2021 12/5/2023Charley Cotton
East Point Washington Road Connector PH III $25,000
Construction 04/10/2023 Chance Powell
Poinciana Blvd & Scenic Gulf Drive$150,000Design 08/26/2021 9/30/2023Charley Cotton
Driftwood & Ellis PH III $185,000Design  4/26/22 Charley Cotton
Driftwood Point Road Drainage$70,000Design in-house Charley Cotton
Fox Lake Drainage and Water Quality Improvements$100,000Design 12/10/2020 Charley Cotton
Holiday Shores PH I$1,400,000
Design 06/16/2021 9/30/2023Charley Cotton
Holiday Shores PH II$175,000Design 04/18/2022 Charley Cotton
North Spooky Lane Roadway $700,000Construction01/17/2023 8/20/2023Charley Cotton
Suzanne Drive Drainage Improvements  $40,000
Completed by in-house crewsSeptember 2022 November 2022Charley Cotton
Walton Way Connector Road $147,500Design Complete 9/8/20 Chance Powell
Norwood Drive, Open Gulf, SandTrap Drainage Improvements$100,000Design Complete 9/28/21 9/30/2023Charley Cotton
Walton Magnolia Lane Drainage$110,000
Design 3/24/22 6/1/2023Charley Cotton
Traffic Operations
M.C. Davis Blvd./US 98 Traffic Signal $450,000Construction  01/17/2023 12/10/23Chance Powell
CR283/30A Intersection Improvements  $18,060
Design FY 22  12/10/23Chance Powell 
CR393/30A Intersection Improvements$199,016.44
Construction    01/17/2023 Chance Powell
Watersound Parkway/30A$11,9700
(Temp Signal Installed) FY 24 Chance Powell
CR83/30A Intersection Improvements  $18,060
Construction  01/17/2023 12/10/23Chance Powell
South Walton Connector Road $597,780BCC approved next phase. Awaiting funds. 9/11/18 03/02/2023Chance Powell
Goldsby Road Southbound Right Turn Lane$63,143.97
FDOT Contract-Construction-on hold FY 22 Chance Powell
Mack Bayou Turn Southbound Dual Turn Lane$282,878.01
FDOT Contract Construction FY 22 Chance Powell
CR 395/98 Signalization $11,500Design08/11/2021  12/10/23Chance Powell
US 98 and Driftwood Road Traffic Light$750,000
 Design 4/23/19 Chance Powell
Capital Improvement Projects
River Road Bridge Replacement $85,680.00Design  Greg Graham
Indian Creek Ranch Road Bridge$260,000
Construction 03/17/2023

 Sept 2023Greg Graham
Old Seagrove Roadway & Drainage Improvements$300,000.00
On hold until final neighborhood plan has been received.  Chance Powell
Old Landfill Road
PD&E Study 
 $198,207.64ROW Acquisition
   Greg Graham
Primrose Avenue (Dirt to Pave) $60,643Dirt to Pave
TBD Scott Caraway
 Jonquil Avenue$62,360Dirt to Pave
TBD Scott Caraway
Cornflower Avenue $49,602Dirt to Pave
TBD Scott Caraway
Hyacinth Avenue$57,578Dirt to Pave
TBD Scott Caraway
Beaver Dam Road$80,000Dirt to Pave
January 2023 March 2023Greg Graham
Roman Road$60,000Dirt to Pave 
June 2023 July 2023Greg Graham
Waterside Lane$30,311Dirt to Pave
TBD Scott Caraway
Aplin Road$142,000Road Improvements
January 2023 February 2023Scott Caraway
Sandy Ramp Road$184,600Road ImprovementsJanuary 2023January 2023Scott Caraway
Davis Road$156,200Road ImprovementsJanuary 2023February 2023Scott Caraway
George Montgomery Road$96,560Road ImprovementsTBD Scott Caraway
Red Hill Road$142,000Road ImprovementsTBD Scott Caraway
Lucas Road$66,626Construction
September 2022 Scott Caraway
Osage Road $178,757 CompletedSeptember 2022 October 2022Scott Caraway
Aldeberry Road$68,401CompletedSeptember 2022October 2022Scott Caraway
John White Road PH I$42,740Dirt to Pave
Spring 2023 Scott Caraway
Pritchard Road$19,500Resurfacing
 TBD Scott Caraway
Sandtrap Road$15,600Resurfacing
February 2023 March 2023Scott Caraway
East Mack Bayou Road$58,500Resurfacing
October 2023 Scott Caraway
Helen McCall Park Improvements $125,000Design 2/10/22 Charley Cotton
Deer Lake Bridge $125,000Construction10/30/2023 Charley Cotton
Peach Creek Sidewalk$50,000
CompletedAugust 2022 October 2022Chance Powell
Timpoochee Trail Extension$100,000ConstructionFY 2022 February 2023Charley Cotton