1. Accessibility

    Read more about accessibility and ADA compliance in Walton County.

  2. Beaches

    Learn more about Walton County&#39s beaches and how to enjoy them.

  3. Festival Planning

    Learn about the process of planning festivals in Walton County.

  4. Coastal Dune Lakes

  5. History

    Learn about the many historical attractions located within Walton County.

  6. Libraries

    Walton County Libraries

  7. Economic Development

    Economic Development Report for Walton County 2010-2011. Report prepared by the Walton County Economic Development Alliance chronicling public and private contributions, the uses of those funds, and the outcome of the uses of those funds.

  8. Housing and Urban Development Section 8

    Read about the services offered for low and very low income housing.

  9. Mosquito Control

    Find out more about mosquito control, including control activities and things you can do.

  10. Flood Information

  11. Roadway Activities

  12. Senior Centers

  13. Solid Waste & Recycling

  14. Utility Services

  15. Veteran Services Office

    Browse information about the office that assists veterans and their families in dealing with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

  16. Walton Okaloosa Council on Aging